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Fastest Easy To Operate & Power Full Future


Backup & Security

Cloud Backup System and Encrypted Database.


Smart Working

Auto Test Result Calculation and Commission Generated.


Bill and Report Send

Whatsapp,Email,Website and Download to QR Code Scan.


Multi Computer Use

3500 user computer at a time working and very faster.

Fully Customized

1. Everything Changeable to Test Report.
2. Attachment of Laboratory Logo.
3. Attachment of Multiple Departments Doctor Signature.
4. Attachment of Present Photo in Test Report.
5. Attachment of Any Image in Test Report.
6. Doctor scanned signature can be used.
7. Test Report Print Any Pre-Printed Report Format.
8. Test Report Page Show Barcode and QR Code.
9. Any Text Background Colour and Style.
10.Any Text Font and Colour Support.
11.Test Report Export to PDF and Send to PDF Copy.
12.Software Can Be Auto Selected to Department Wise Doctor Signature.
13.Barcode and QR Code Change to Any Position.
14.Any Type Test Report Set to Report Page.
15.Mention Any Text Character.

With minimum or zero computer knowledge the receptionist can start patient registration and billing from Day one. The software will automatically calculate the total amount, apply the discount and calculate the balance amount thus avoiding any human errors.

Completely customize your report formats as per your needs. Provides Dynamic Reference Ranges to Configure reference ranges based on gender and age group at one click. Customize and Set age ranges using days, weeks, months & years. Lab Technicians with min. or zero computer knowledge can make reports, print, and send online via sms, email, or WhatsApp. Test details and normal values are pre-configured, so lab technicians just need to fill up the test results on the report.

Fast Invoicing service to make more easy to capture on all devices. Just click to track all billing services like invoice, payment, outstanding and advance With payment gateway integrations and collect payments from patients online. Drlogy also provide meaningful insights helps to drive your Diagnostic/Lab Services.

Comprehensive MIS - All reports are pre-configured and available out of the box. Analytics gives information about the utilization manpower and access to data and the ability to derive real intelligence from the data collected.

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Software used in laboratory which provides each & every solution for lab routine operational & quality service to patients & physician to enhance lab business. The best lab management system or lab management software will be one that is flexible enough to adapt to your future requirement and changing needs.....

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Every Customer Satisfaction for HARS Software.


Fast Working

Patient bills and test reports can be created quickly and easily.The software has the ability to auto work.


Secure Software

Which option the user will use the software can be controlled from the admin, which protects the software.


Expert Solutions

The expert team is always ready to help you, who are able to give you better solutions in less time.


Time is Money

The best quality software is being delivered to you at a very low price, which will save your work time.


Business Growth

Business Growth is a stage where the business reaches the point for expansion and seeks additional options to generate more profit.


Best of Best

At the price we are offering you software, no one else in India can offer the same quality software.

Need HARS Laboratory Software?

The HARS software helps in significant technical achievement that has enabled facilities to properly handle sample and maintain relevant data, resulting in appropriate interaction between users such as patients, reference doctors, and laboratory. It assists laboratories in automating data entry operations, managing daily operations, streamlining procedures, ensuring quality, save time spent searching for specimens and data entry, creating reports, save expenses, increased profitability and Accuracy.

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July 15, 2017 ( Starting Date of HARS )

Requirements of Digitalization

Digital transformation aids modern laboratories to make a switch from paper-based, manual processes to new and quick technologies that can help achieve more reliable and successful results....


April 16, 2018 ( HARS Backup System )

11 Layer Backup System

Data backup is the practice of copying data from a primary to a secondary location, to protect it in case of a disaster, accident or malicious action....


Octoboer 16, 2020 ( Send To PDF File )

Bill & Test Report Sending

The lab can easily send Reports through WhatsApp, Email to the patient and as well as their doctors....



Pathology Lab Management and Reporting Software.