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What we do

SKR Technosoft company developed the software keeping in mind the needs of diagnostic labs in the Indian healthcare market. since 2017 of combined experience in healthcare, healthcare technology, lab services and information management, HARS has an experience team and understands and addresses the underlying challenges in the lab services sector.

  • The software is tailored to suit the needs of each customer.
  • Every task of the customer is completed in a very short time.
  • Hars is a very powerful and modern software that makes Labs modern.

Software Updates

HARS Software is a highly configurable software system and full installations are configured in the simple way. However, the core software of every system is always exactly the same at the same version level, providing a simple reliable upgrade system for periodic enhancements. All customers with up to date Software Support Agreements (renewed annually) are eligible to receive software updates for all software products that they have purchased.

About HARS

Easy and Effective way to get your Business Growth.

Low Hardware Cost

No need to invest in expensive Computer hardware or additional resources.

Secure User ID

The admin will be able to control the working options of all user IDs.

Save Time

HARS Software can automatically calculate the calculated parameters.

Customer Feedback

Customer are happy to use this software because they can handle many patients in a very short time.

Features and Benefits


User Friendly

User with min. or zero computer knowledge can make reports,print and send online via sms,email or WhatsApp.


QR & Bar Coded Reports

QR and bar codes are printed on the lab reports. Patients can scan the QR code to get a PDF of the report.


Whatsapp And Email Reports

The lab can easily send Reports through WhatsApp, Email and QR Code scan to the patient and as well as their doctors.


Use 2-Step Verification

two step verification is an authentication process where the user has to enter their username, password and a verification code that's generated by the system.


Customize Test Report

very easy to entry test report process and everything changeable. font, size, font color, back color, bold, underline, italic and position. Attaches Doctor Signature and Image.


Auto Generate Commission

All agents and doctors will create an automatic commission,once the commission is set.The commission report will be created as soon as the patient's bill is saved.


Account Reports

Patient bills, due collection, receipt, payment, profit & loss, Quarterly account report, agent report, doctor report, e.g.


Multi User Computer

This software supports two or more computers simultaneously, which works very fast. A maximum of 3,000 user computers can operate at a time.


MIS & Analytics

Analytics gives information about the utilization of manpower & to access to data & the ability to derive real intelligence from the data collected.


UPI Payment To Bill

UPI is a 24*7 payment system which allows instant money transfer to any bank account. Paying Customer Due bill using UPI on the Mobile app is a simple and convenient process.


Lab Inventory

Lab inventory management allows you to keep track of stock levels across your lab during all inventory cycle stages to make sure that you never run out of needed ingredients.


Payroll Management

Payroll management is the administration and management of staff financial reports, such as wages, salaries, deductions, bonuses, and other relevant financial records.



Pathology Lab Management and Reporting Software.